15th August 2013

Patience please

Be patient, this site is new and being developed bit by bit.

Rather than waiting until it was a perfect finished product (unrealistic in the short term) it has been live since day one. That wasn't too many months ago, around the end of 2012.

The term "live iteration" would be applicable to the process at hand.

The appearance of the pages has changed constantly in the aim to create an appealing first impression.

Functionality will improve, and more features may be added.

It's one step at a time.

By the way, I only came across the term "live iteration" recently in an article in on the 20 top web design and development trends for 2013 (see trend #16)

It's a good term, and the process works for me...

20th August 2013

Unexpected bonus

We changed the structure of each search page so that results now pop up in a box on front of the still open original page.

An unexpected benefit is that the results for mobile users renders in a more readable format (thanks Google)

A mobile version of each page is already available (for example visit Australia mobile search ) but this pop up result will help when mobile visitors happen upon the non mobile version of the page.

We will add an automatic mobile redirect to each page soon.

This will send visitors on smartphones and other mobile devices automatically to the mobile friendly version of the page.

23rd August 2013

So how useful is it?

It might not be immediately apparent how useful it can be to search below the dot com. But here's an example that just cropped up for me a minute ago.

While searching for average mark up in pricing design/construction jobs, nearly every web page on the subject I came across related to the USA - dot com results - not local or relevant (despite spelling the word LABOUR - not LABOR)

This was the same in both Google and Bing search results. Wasting valuable time when working out a quotation.

It's the United Kingdom I needed to find out about!

Went straight to the UK Search page and the results were just what I wanted.

This stuff happens all the time. Now I know where to go - no modesty here, thank you.

22nd September 2013

Poland added

Poland has been added to the list of searchable countries. The search engine aims to show English language web pages, but will also show some Polish language pages.

There is no hurry to add countries yet, until all features and appearance have been tweaked further.

29th September 2013

Easier option?

I have been asked "would it not be as easy just to search on Google, adding the country name within the search term?"

Yes, that's an alternative. But you are not going to get the same results as you would if you used the national search page.

For example you live in the UK and want to look up Paul Smith who you believe now lives in Canada. You type into Google "Paul Smith Canada" You might well find him (among the many other Paul Smiths) but Google will also have treated "Canada" as a key word in the search. If Paul Smith is listed on web pages which don't include the word "Canada", it is quite likely these pages will be omitted from the results.

If you are using the national search page you would just type in "Paul Smith" and perhaps some other keywords which might be helpful in finding information. It's the difference between searching for Mr Smith from within his home country, or trying to find him from the outside.

I hope that makes sense - it certainly does to me.

15th October 2013

Korea added

A new search page has been added to search for English language websites based in Korea (.KR)

In the future we may add alternative search pages in foreign languages, but for now, let's stick with English.



Terms & Conditions

20th February 2014

Mobile search page colours

The mobile search pages were all previously with white background. Nice and simple. But maybe a little plain. The latest step is to give most mobile pages a blue background with white text..

A couple of pages (Germany and Korea) are going to have a yellow background as a trial.